Pickleball Ladder Instructions

Monday Evening Mixed Ladder Pickleball

Please read the following to see how “Mixed Ladder” is set up.

When will we be Playing: Monday Evenings

Who Can Play: Mixed Ladder is for Men and Women Pickleball Players of any ability who are members of the Stouffville Pickleball Players (SPP).

How to Sign up: After having logged into the website go to the Ladder tab and register for the week’s ladder session. You can only register on the Tuesday preceding the Monday’s session.

How will you know when you are playing and with whom: Before the event you will be notified by e-mail what time you will be playing, what court you will be playing on and who the other three (3) players are that you will be playing with. Courts are not numbered but look for the players that are designated to be on your court.

How the Game will be Played: Four players will be assigned to a court for a 1 hour and 15 minute period. Either 6:45 to 8:00 or 8:00 to 9:15. Do not be late and limit your warm up time. During that time you will play 3 games to 15 points, win by one point. When the game is won the players mark down the score on the score sheets provided. Score sheets will be found in the storage area on the board.

The next game is played but this time with different partners. When this set is finished then a third set is played again with different players. After three sets each player would have played against and with the other three players assigned to that court. Your scores over the 3 games are totalled. Possible maximum number of points is 45 points if one player wins all three sets.

The player with the most points takes the rank of the last player in the previous group on the ladder. The player with the least number of points takes the rank of the first player in the next group on the ladder.

Players who have no score for a week move down the ladder by one or more rungs (their rank is increased). Remaining players are then allocated ranks based on their scores that week. (this is only complex if you are doing it by hand 🙂 )

Who do you play the following week: Who you play with each week will depend on where you are on the ladder and who signed up for that week.

Time of Play each Week: Either 6:45 to 8:00 or 8:00 to 9:15. you must be available for both times. You can request a time to start but if it is not possible to fit you in for that time you will be eliminated from play for that week.

How will the Foursome Be Made Up: Being a Mixed Competition there will be times that a foursome consists of one man and three women or three men and one women. Various combinations are possible. Using this formula each player will be playing with players that are similar in ability to themselves. It will not matter if it is a man or woman playing.

You only have one hour and 15 minutes to complete your games. If your game is not finished by the time the hour and 15 minutes is up mark the score on your score sheet and leave the court so that the next team can get on the courts play their game. Games that start at the 8:00 time can continue playing until all 3 games are complete.

Leave the Score sheet in the storage area. Scores that are not entered will be considered as players who did not play that week.

If you have to cancel: It is your responsibility to find a replacement. Each week all the Mixed Ladder Pickleball Players will be e-mailed the Mixed Ladder Schedule. It will include all players names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers. If you have to cancel email the whole group using the e-mail that was sent to you and ask if anyone can play for you. Another player may want to play two sessions or someone that indicated they could not play that week may now be available.

The number of players signing up must be divisible by 4: Since we need 4 players to have a game if 16 players sign up then we will have 4 games that week. If 18 players sign up the last two players to sign up will not be playing that week and will go on the spare or waiting list.

Eight courts means that a maximum of 40 players on the courts at one time: We have 2 time slots thus we can have 80 players per week playing. Sign up early. The first players to sign up will be playing. First come, first served!

Hope you have fun playing Mixed Ladder Pickleball

Dennis Carter